ECOKILL – Industrial Use Water Purifier & Spray

ECOKILL – Industrial Use Water Purifier & Spray:for clean water and spray for pathogen free environment.


Ecokill is proprietary processed formulation of natural salts like silver, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese and iron as iodides, chlorides, carbonates etc. Bonded through Hydro sensitive bonds (HSB). HSB get broken immediately on coming in contact with water and release of nascent oxygen and ions of chlorine & Iodine, which are known to cause oxidation.

Indication & Benefits

  • Ensures pathogen free (bacteria, virus and fungus) water that remains potable for 72 hours, starts action immediately and the same is purified within minutes
  • Helps in sedimentation of suspended matter
  • Restores water to normal pH levels. No toxic effect
  • Used for washing of dairy equipment, utensils, meat and eggs. Also spraying in poultry sheds.

Trial Reports

  • Deejay Poultry Disease Diagnostic & Research Laboratory
    Efficacy of product was tested against growth of gram positive, gram negative bacteria and fungus at room temperature for up to 72 hours. Results showed that product worked at recommended level for up to 72 hours. There was No residual effect. No odour was imparted
  • Sophisticated Industrial Materials Analytic Labs
    Product was tested for antibacterial activity against E. Coli. Result showed 1% solution was able to kill 500 CFU/ml of E. Coli


Water purification: 100 GM/ 1, 0000 Litre water
For spray: 100 GM/ 500 – 1000 Litre water
For washing of dressed meat: 100 GM/ 2000 Litre water


100 GM Jar, 200 GM Jar & 1 KG Jar

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