MULTI PURPOSE – Liquid Soap: A versatile liquid cleaner for bathroom floor, stairs, open space large marbles and tile floors, large glasses etc. Removes dirt, stains and odour. Can also be used as grill and tap cleaner to cut grease/oil/dirt build up. Contains cetrimide and balanced pH makes the Multi-Purpose an effective and germicidal.

Direction for Use

Dilution – 1:10 for all purpose
For Floor & Floor Tiles: Spread on floors and rinse with clean water. Mop immediately with wet mop. Then dry mop thoroughly.
For Grill & Glass: Spray direct from spray gun on surface, rinse with clean water. Wipe clean with duster. Polish with old newspaper until no mark is visible.


Daily use: 500 ML bottle
Refill Packs: 5 Litre, 10 Litre jar

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