SUPER VITAMIN – Multi Vitamin Tonic

SUPER VITAMIN – Multi Vitamin Tonic: has 10 vitamins and essential amino acids that ensure all around health and increased life expectancy of your pet by guarding its heart and boosting immunity.


Each 5 ml provides:

Vitamin A  500 IU
Vitamin B2  1.25 mg
Vitamin B3   1 mg
Vitamin B5  2 mg
Vitamin B6  0.60 mg
Vitamin B12   2 mcg
Vitamin C  20 mg
Vitamin D  100 IU
Vitamin E    5 mg
Vitamin H    0.1 mg
Amino Acids   20 mg

Indication & Benefits

  • Mix it with drinking water, milk or any home cocked food including ready made pet food. It’s so tasty that your pet will love it!
  • Be assured of healthy eyes, shiny fur, improved digestion, healthy blood cells and strong muscles, bones and teeth.
  • Promotes growth, release of energy and also protects against airborne pollutants as well as reduces fatigue.


5-10 ML per day or as recommended by your veterinarian


200 ML

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