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ULTRAMIX AD2 – (OIL)100% vegetarian ultra-stable premix along with food grade antioxidant for fortification of edible oils and Vanaspati (FSSAI standards).


Each 20 ml Contains:

Vitamin A (Palmitate)  25 MIU
Vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol) 4.5 MIU


For fortification of Edible Oil, Vanaspati (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) Butter, Ghee and Refined edible oil
Mixing 20 ML in 1 MT Vitaminizes to give:
Vitamin A – 25 IU per GM
Vitamin D2 – 4.5 IU per GM


Flushed with and sealed under Nitrogen
20 ML bottle sufficient for 1 MT batch quantity (shipper pack -3 20 bottles)
100 ML bottle sufficient for 5 MT batch quantity (shipper pack – 120 bottles)
200 ML bottle sufficient for 10 MT batch quantity (shipper pack – 144 bottles)
500 ML bottle sufficient for 25 MT batch quantity (shipper pack – 20 bottles)


  • Unscrew cap and remove inner seal by means of a pointed instrument (knife, screw driver). Add to product batch as late as possible in the manufacturing process. Rinse the bottle with warm product.
  • The tank in which our Ultramix is added must be calibrated. It should have proper stirring equipment, either high speed propeller type stirrer for capacities up to one MT or gate-type stirrer for larger tanks. This is only a recommendation; any other method giving good homogeneity may be used.


Store in cool, dark and dry place at 25 degree Celsius away from direct heat and moisture

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