Dr Anand Shrivastav, Chairman

Dr Anand Shrivastav, Chairman(non-executive) – Board of Advisors, ADMP, Harvard, PhD West Coast. Member of RBI’s Financial Inclusion Advisory Committee, Chairman of Business Correspondent Federation of India (BCFI), Chairman of Beam Money and Genesis Biogen. He is on the boards of Intercorp Biotech, Social Economic Empowerment Development Foundation (SEED), is an advisor to SIDBI-PSIG’s Technical Advisory Committee, and a member of World Bank’s Responsible Finance Forum (RFF). Over 35 yearsexperienceof consumer products, telecom, financial services, and retail besides, health care and agri products

Jai Kashyap, Chief Executive Officer


Jai Kashyap, Chief Executive Officer, MSc (Agri)HAU, PGDMM, IGNOU. Over 30 years experience of health care. Previously worked with Glaxo, Indian Potash, Sarabhai Chemicals and Sarabhai Zydus.


Yashvardhan Shrivastav,Member

Yashvardhan Shrivastav, Member – Board of Advisors, BS-Biomedical Engineering, University of Virginia, USA, AIIMS (Internship). Founder & CEO, Skingene and Genesis Biogen. Over 10 years experience of brand marketing of digital financial services, human nutrition and pet care besides manufacturing operations and ISO compliance