Salt Fortification

Salt Fortification

The Need

Iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) range from goitre, hypothyroidism, cretinism, brain damage, intellectual disability, psychomotor defects, hearing and speech impairment, abortion and stillbirths etc.. Intelligent Quotient (IQ) Children born in iodine deficient areas have 13.5 IQ points less than those in Iodine sufficient areas A majority of the consequences of IDD are invisible and irreversible, but are totally preventable. IDD constitute the
single largest cause of preventable brain damage worldwide.

Every year ~9 million pregnant women and ~8 million newborns are at risk of iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) in India. IDDs are linked to iodine deficient soil. This leads to deficiency of iodine in crops, with consequently low iodine in the diet for livestock and humans. This deficiency of iodine in the diet can be addressed by fortification of salt because it is consumed almost daily and universally. Due to lack of iodine in the soil and therefore in diet ~1. 2 billion people are at risk of IDD and ~264 million people are at high risk. India has the largest number of children born vulnerable to IDD. Currently, 92% of the population consumes iodised salt in India.10,

Salt Fortification


  • Longer lasting premix, due to reduced reactivity of nutrients from environment exposure – from cutting-edge Microencapsulation Technology
  • Controlled release of nutrients in food – from cutting-edge Microencapsulation Technology
  • Happy consumers due to assured nutrient delivery – from cutting-edge Microencapsulation Technology
  • Cost effective nutrient fortification – no investment in new equipment
  • 100% Vegetarian – satisfied consumers
  • Assured & consistent quality – COA available on request
  • Made from safe materials – SDS available on request
  • Brand loyalty & trusting consumers – from Fortified Logo displayed on consumer packs

Customizable Fortification Premixes – Tailormade To Your Requirements

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